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Veronique Branquinho Spring Summer 2017

“Faded floral wallpaper on forgotten 18th-century walls,” was what Branquinho had in mind, and there was a dusty romance to the black cotton lace and floral-print pleated skirts, and delicate cut-out dresses.

Dévoré blouses looked as if they’d been revived from Victorian bed linens. Meanwhile, variations of Watteau pleats dropped from the occasional shoulder created a blooming silhouette.

But among these it was the handcrafted techniques that spoke the loudest: Tapestry, cross-stitch embroidery, and needlepoint appeared on everything, from sweaters to bomber jackets.

But beyond the shades of Miss Havisham, asymmetrical rounded hemlines revealed trompe l’oeil ankle boots that appeared as a cream-color lacy ruffled sock and shiny Mary Jane, but were in fact all leather.

They were a little prim, a little sexy, and right on target.


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