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We are continuously searching  for new & interesting talent; scouting for edgy looks as well as classic appeals.


The requirements are:



  •     Age: between 14 and 21 years

  •     Height: between 1.75m and 1.82m

  •     Dress size (eu.): 34- 36



  •     Age: between 14 and 22 years

  •     Height: between 1.85m and 1.91m

  •     Suit size (eu.): 46- 50


If you meet the requirements and are interested in joining our agency, please email 4 recent images of yourself with your measurements to

Please do not wear make- up because we would like to see your typically look. 

It is very important to us that these measurements are natural and not the result of an unhealthy diet. Furthermore if you are under 18 years old, your parents should be aware of your modelling aspirations.

Finally, we do not hold open calls, all of our interviews are by appointment only.


Do take your chances in the modelling business and send us your 4 best pictures with your measurements.

We look forward to receiving your application!

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